“World War I,” a CNN.com opinion series. Index.

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in media

“World War I,” a CNN.com Opinion series, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Creator and Guest Editor


World War I began one hundred years ago this August. For many people, it is a remote historical event, known through faded photographs, family stories, or old films. The last living United States veteran, Frank Buckles, died in 2011. Yet World War I changed the world forever, and we are still living with its effects.

“World War I,” which runs on CNN.com Opinion through June and July, looks at how the legacies of the war reach across a century. Opinion pieces uncover how many topics in the news today had their origins or crucial development points during the years of the conflict. Here is the series lineup:

World War I’s Many Legacies: Ruth Ben-Ghiat, NYU (print and video)

The War’s Effects on the English Language: Jonathan Lighter, University of Knoxville

Bionic Bodies: Advances in Prosthetics: Thomas Schlich, McGill University

The Home Front, Women as Breadwinners: Belinda Davis, Rutgers University

The Debate over Chemical Weapons: Paul Schulte, Carnegie Endowment & King’s College

War Crimes and Collective Guilt: Ruti Teitel, New York Law School & London School of Economics

Aerial Surveillance: Priya Satia, Stanford University

Torture and the Laws of War: Samuel Moyn, Harvard Law School

The Shock of the New, the War as Laboratory of the Modern in Art: Ara Merjian, New York University